Saving Lives

Bob Hugin’s time at Celgene

  • Bob Hugin and his company have helped nearly 300,000 patients access and afford the medicines they needed.[1]

  • Under Bob Hugin’s leadership, hundreds of thousands of patients were able to access and afford their life-saving medicines, and nearly 90% of patients got their medicines for $50 a month or less.[2]

  • Under Bob Hugin’s leadership, Celgene invested an industry-leading 40% of their revenues[3] – over $25 billion since 2006 – in research and development to discover revolutionary medicines that saved and extended lives.

  • While Bob Hugin was CEO, the annual R&D investment increase (36.9%) was 5x the average annual Revlimid price increase (7.5%), the leading anti-cancer treatment developed by Celgene for patients with multiple myeloma.

  • In 2016 alone, Bob Hugin and Celgene spent $4.5 billion on research, nearly as much as the National Cancer Institute.

  • In 2017, Bob Hugin and Celgene’s R&D investment was over 45% of revenues, and nearly 15% more than any other top bio-pharmaceutical company.

  • Bob Hugin and Celgene partnered with over 200 patient organizations to support and advance pro-patient policies, outreach, education and advocacy.

  • Under Bob Hugin’s leadership, survival rates in multiple myeloma patients more than doubled between 2001 and 2014.[4]

  • Under Bob Hugin’s leadership, the number of Celgene full-time employees has quadrupled over the last decade, creating thousands of high-quality jobs right here in New Jersey, including more than 2,500 researchers.