Hugin Calls Out Menendez for Insulting Our Military

"Senator Menendez suggesting that the military strike on Syrian chemical weapons facilities was a 'kabuki show' is an insult to the brave men and women in our military who carried out this apparently flawless, precision strike against the Assad regime," said Hugin, a Marine Corps veteran and father of two Marine Corps officers. "For all his misdeeds, Senator Menendez at least used to be seen as a respected voice on many international issues. Unfortunately, even that has now given way to a desperate career politician willing to say absurd and ignorant things to distract attention away from his corrupt activities and cloud of scandal."

We Got 99 Senators Who Didn’t Face Jail Time, but Menendez Ain’t One

April 19, 2018 We Got 99 Senators Who Didn’t Face Jail Time, but Menendez Ain’t One The 50 out of 50 Files: Ways New Jersey Ranks Last Under Menendez’s Watch Union County, NJ—Last year New Jersey had the most sitting

Tax Hikes Export Gerber HQ & Jobs Out of New Jersey

Yesterday, Gerber joined a long list of companies that have announced plans to relocate their headquarters out of New Jersey due to high taxes and a bad business climate. The nonpartisan Tax Foundation ranks New Jersey’s business climate the worst in the country in their 2018 State Business Tax Climate Index. Gerber plans to relocate its longtime New Jersey headquarters to Virginia, where it says the tax climate will be more favorable to job creation.

Menendez Voted Over 90 Times to Hike Taxes

New Jersey is increasingly unaffordable and Governor Murphy’s budget is going to make it even worse. Over a billion dollars in higher taxes and more spending is the last thing our taxpayers need.  This budget should be dead on arrival with both parties in the legislature. Trenton can and must do better.