New Jersey Republican Hugin, eyeing upset, balances moderate platform with bruising closing argument

ABC News No Republican has won election to the U.S. Senate from New Jersey in 46 years. That fact was repeated several times during an event at a local Republican Party office here Thursday night. But no Republican previously had

‘It’s Time For Change’: NJ GOP Senate Candidate Blasts Menendez, Says He’s ‘Corrupt’

Fox News New Jersey Senate candidate Bob Hugin (R) said Wednesday on Your World that his Democratic opponent, Sen. Bob Menendez, is “corrupt.” Hugin told Charles Payne that people in his state are realizing that change is possible and that

New Jersey’s GOP Senate candidate calls Trump’s immigration rhetoric ‘inflammatory’

Politico Pro ROCKAWAY, N.J. — New Jersey Republican Senate candidate Bob Hugin said Tuesday he thought President Donald Trump’s rhetoric on immigration had been “inflammatory” and that the country should instead pursue “comprehensive, compassionate immigration reform.” Hours after news broke

The Hugin Knot

The National Review Do Republicans dare to believe in a New Jersey candidate, one more time? Hey, this guy Bob Hugin has a shot.” Hold up. Slow down. We’ve been here before. This is New Jersey, the state that, with

What is going on with Bob Menendez’s New Jersey Senate race?

The Washington Post A scandal-plagued incumbent senator running against an independently wealthy Republican has made a reliably blue state into a battleground that Democrats suddenly need to defend. The Senate map was always going to be tough for Democrats. No

How long does an untrustworthy politician deserve to be trusted?

Washington Examiner Arizona Democrats have one more week to run out the clock for Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz. Her veneer of moderation is getting thin, and her gaffes are threatening to end this game in a loss. Just look at

Dems on defensive, pour money into New Jersey Senate race

Washington Examiner The sudden closeness of the New Jersey Senate race is the latest sign Democrats are fighting an uphill battle to capture the upper chamber majority despite a midterm election cycle largely driven by discontent with President Trump. While

‘Choke’ on Bob Menendez

He may be corrupt, but liberals rally to re-elect their man in New Jersey. The Wall Street Journal Remember the lectures from the Media Great and Good that Republicans and conservatives had to reject Senate candidate Roy Moore in Alabama

You’ve seen N.J. Senate rivals Hugin and Menendez throw mud. Here’s the other side to them. We’ve seen them level eye-popping allegations at each other. We’ve seen them trade nasty commercials slamming each other. And we’ve seen them throw verbal punches on the debate stage. There’s no doubt New Jersey’s U.S. Senate race between Democratic

New Jersey should vote out corrupt Menendez

The New York Post For the first time since 1972, New Jersey Republicans find themselves with a real chance to elect a US senator — and rightly so, since incumbent Bob Menendez stands exposed as blatantly corrupt. Which is why

Bob Menendez, Bob Hugin clash in New Jersey Senate race’s only debate

ABC 7 NY NEWARK, New Jersey (WABC) — Sparks flew as New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez and Republican rival Bob Hugin clashed in their first and only debate Wednesday evening. Hugin said during the NJTV debate, which was televised

Five takeaways from Menendez, Hugin’s first and only debate

The Hill Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) and his well-funded Republican opponent Bob Hugin squared off in their first and only debate in a closer-than-expected Senate race in deep-blue New Jersey. The candidates clashed over hyper-partisanship in politics, health care and

Here’s where N.J. Senate battle between Menendez and Hugin stands in new poll WASHINGTON — On the same day of the only debate in New Jersey’s U.S. Senate race, a poll released Wednesday gave U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez a 5-point lead over former Celgene Corp. executive BOB HUGIN. The Rutgers-Eagleton survey put

Hugin pounds rival Menendez with ethics charges in N.J. Senate contest

Most voters disapprove of the once-popular Democratic incumbent after his corruption trial. Could Trump be his unlikely savior? NBC News NEWARK, N.J. — At a recent campaign event inside a Latino community center, Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez urged voters to

Hugin pounds rival Menendez with ethics charges in N.J. Senate contest

Most voters disapprove of the once-popular Democratic incumbent after his corruption trial. Could Trump be his unlikely savior? NBC News NEWARK, N.J. — At a recent campaign event inside a Latino community center, Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez urged voters to


As Senator, Bob will promote policies that actually fix the healthcare system for patients and doctors, driving down costs, increasing consumer choice, and encouraging innovation.

Smiling at Corruption

Democrats try to save Bob Menendez months after his bipartisan admonishment The Wall Street Journal PHOTO: ASSOCIATED PRESS Democrats have failed all year to find a cogent midterm campaign theme, but one appears to be attaching to them all the same:

Dem Sen. Menendez faces unexpected danger in deep-blue New Jersey

Fox News New Jersey hasn’t elected a Republican to the Senate in 46 years. But this fall, Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez is facing an unexpectedly strong and well-funded challenge from a Republican nominee named BOB HUGIN, who is spending millions

Mixing economics with politics: Importance of Hispanic business community is growing with politicians

ROI NJ Luis De La Hoz, the vice chairman of the Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey, gushed about his trip to the governor’s mansion Thursday. De La Hoz and many other members of the Hispanic community were

Hugin keeps calling Menendez ’embarrassing.’ Here’s what that’s all about. Why is BOB HUGIN within striking distance of U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez in a state that hasn’t elected a Republican to the U.S. Senate since 1972? There are 15.5 million reasons. That’s how much HUGIN, a former Celgene Corp.

How Democratic Party idiocy may cost them the Senate

The Week Democrats are drooling over the possibility of retaking not just the House, but the Senate too. But their own foolishness may cost them a decent chance at the upper chamber. The field is already slanted heavily against them.

N.J. GOP Senate candidate: Technology allows us to provide health care to all

Hugin: why I support capping co-pays at $50 for prescription drugs and limiting monthly out of pocket expenses for all health care costs. Star-Ledger Guest Column By Bob Hugin Washington politicians are great at talking about problems, but bad at

New Jersey’s Senate race puts spotlight on Menendez’s scandals

New York Post October 6, 2018 | 8:22pm In a scene from a recent campaign ad, Democratic US Sen. Bob Menendez, casually dressed in a button-down shirt, open at the collar, walks through working-class Union City, NJ, where he grew

Hugin says extending Route 55 into Cape will be priority if elected

Press of Atlantic City WOODBINE — U.S. Senate candidate BOB HUGIN said Tuesday that if elected, he will make extending Route 55 to the shore a priority. The highway, opened two decades ago, provides a shorter route to Cape May

New Jersey Senate Poll: Menendez, Hugin in Dead Heat

Bloomberg Survey shows incumbent with just two percentage point edge Incumbent weighed down by ethics charges related to gifts New Jersey’s U.S. Senate race between Democratic incumbent Bob Menendez and Republican challenger BOB HUGIN is a dead heat, according to

2018 midterm elections: Menendez-Hugin race for NJ Senate a ‘dead heat,’ poll says The race between U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., and his Republican challenger BOB HUGIN is a “statistical dead heat,” according to a Stockton University poll of likely voters released Monday. Menendez’s two-point advantage — 45 percent to HUGIN’S 43

Why Bob Hugin might beat Sen. Bob Menendez and win New Jersey for Republicans

Washington Examiner Republican BOB HUGIN is the dark horse candidate running as a white knight against Democratic incumbent Sen. Bob Menendez in New Jersey. And it is working. In what has been billed as the first reputable poll, analysts at

Toss-Up? New Poll Shows Republican In Dead Heat With Sen. Bob Menendez

The Daily Wire Democrats thinking the New Jersey election for the U.S. Senate would be an easy seat to hold on to may have to adjust their expectations. A new poll from Stockton University released Monday shows Sen. Bob Menendez

Shock poll shows dead heat in Menendez-Hugin Senate race

Politico Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez is in a dead heat with Republican challenger BOB HUGIN, according to a Stockton University poll released Monday, as the public’s negative view of the senator’s recent corruption trial weighs down his support. The poll

Menendez, challenger locked in virtual dead heat: poll

The Hill Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) is locked in a statistical dead heat in his re-election bid with roughly a month left before Election Day, a poll released Monday found. A Stockton University poll showed that Menendez leads challenger BOB

It’s a dead heat between Menendez and Hugin in high stakes N.J. Senate race New Jersey’s tense U.S. Senate race between Democratic incumbent Robert Menendez and Republican challenger BOB HUGIN is a dead heat with only five weeks until Election Day, according to a new poll. Menendez leads HUGIN by a mere two

A surprisingly competitive Senate race in New Jersey.

The Weekly Standard The Northeast’s soggy late summer led to the last-minute postponement of the premier social event of the golden-ager calendar in this part of New Jersey: the Bergen County Senior Citizens Picnic. And so instead of shaking hands

U.S. Senator Menendez Under Fire For Blocking Marine Corps Vet from Parade

Shore News Network MOUNTAINSIDE-A Marine Corps veteran, and former infantry officer said embattle U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) was behind his removal from a New Jersey parade this weekend. BOB HUGIN, a retired Marine Corps officer said he was notified

Mezquindad Política de Menéndez

MOUNTAINSIDE, NJ – Bob Hugin, candidato a Senador por los Estados Unidos dio a conocer la siguiente declaración al enterarse que su invitación para participar en el Desfile Dominicano del Condado de Hudson había sido cancelada, después que Bob Menendez aparentemente

Stockton Poll: Menendez Lags Behind Hugin

SNJ Today The Stockton University Polling Institute of the William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy has released the results of its latest poll, which reveals that Democrat Jeff Van Drew holds the lead in the race for the open

Hugin calls for Dems to disown Menendez ahead of convention

New Jersey Globe U.S. Senate candidate BOB HUGIN on Wednesday called for the state’s Democrats to disown U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez and boycott their own state convention, at which Menendez will be a keynote speaker. “It’s time for the New

Can an ethics pledge get you elected in New Jersey? Even if you’re a Republican? Bob Hugin hopes so.

The Washington Examiner At a moment when Republicans keep getting indicted, can good ethics actually get a Republican elected? BOB HUGIN certainly hopes so. The New Jersey businessman has launched a surprisingly competitive challenge against Sen. Bob Menendez, the morally

NJ Senate race: Bob Menendez trailing Bob Hugin in South Jersey House district, poll says Sen. Bob Menendez trails Republican challenger BOB HUGIN, 46 percent to 36 percent, in a Republican-held South Jersey Congressional district that otherwise appears to be primed for a Democratic takeover in November, a poll released Wednesday by Stockton University

Democratic Ocean County Freeholder Candidate Endorses GOP Senate Hopeful

Brick Shore Beat Republican senatorial candidate BOB HUGIN scored his second endorsement in as many weeks by a member of the opposite party. Teddy Price, a Democratic candidate for Ocean County freeholder, gave HUGIN his endorsement Wednesday over incumbent U.S.

Price won’t leave ticket or switch parties

Candidate, county leadership trade barbs New Jersey Globe Democratic Ocean County Freeholder candidate Teddy Price endorsed Republican U.S. Senate candidate BOB HUGIN on Wednesday, but he does not intend to drop off the ticket at the request of Ocean County

Price, another Democrat, backs Hugin

New Jersey Globe Another Democrat endorsed Republican U.S. Senate candidate BOB HUGIN on Wednesday. Democratic Ocean County Freeholder candidate Teddy Price backed HUGIN on Wednesday, making for at least the second such Democratic Defection in as many weeks. Last week,

NJ Senate race: Bob Hugin ads back immigration and call Bob Menendez attack a ‘cheap shot’ In a pair of new TV ads released Wednesday, Republican U.S. Senate challenger BOB HUGIN promises to work for “compassionate immigration reform” and brands an attack from Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez “a cheap shot” while making an attack of

Los problemas de Bob Menéndez complican a los demócratas

Los problemas con la Justicia del senador Bob Menéndez, uno de los políticos hispanos más poderosos en Washington, amenazan con complicar a los demócratas sus esfuerzos para recuperar el control del legislativo. En Nueva Jersey, un tradicional bastión ‘azul’, Menéndez

What They Are Saying!

"Could Menendez be the lone N.J. Democrat to lose in Trump midterm?" -

Los problemas Bob Menéndez complican a demócratas NJ

Hoy Los problemas con la Justicia del senador Bob Menéndez, uno de los políticos hispanos más poderosos en Washington, amenazan con complicar los esfuerzos de los demócratas para recuperar el control del Legislativo.En Nueva Jersey, un tradicional bastión “azul”, Menéndez

Just How Much Trouble Is Bob Menendez In?

The two-term incumbent carries with him the distinct whiff of scandal, and New Jersey voters can smell it. Slate The list of Democratic senators being forced to play defense in the midterms runs a dozen names long, but one stands

Hugin: ‘You’re Not a Country If You Don’t Have Secure Borders’

Fox News New Jersey Republican U.S. Senate candidate BOB HUGIN said Friday on “Fox & Friends First” that it’s time for comprehensive immigration reform, while also putting an end to sanctuary cities and securing the Mexican border. HUGIN, a Marine

In Democratic New Jersey, Senate race is surprisingly tight

Associated Press August 25 UNION CITY, N.J. (AP) — For months, Republican Senate candidate BOB HUGIN has assailed Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez in TV ads, calling the two-term incumbent corrupt because of now-dismissed federal corruption charges, whittling down the incumbent’s

Los problemas de Bob Menéndez complican a los demócratas en Nueva Jersey

Listin Diario Los problemas con la Justicia del senador Bob Menéndez, uno de los políticos hispanos más poderosos en Washington, amenazan con complicar los esfuerzos de los demócratas para recuperar el control del Legislativo. En Nueva Jersey, un tradicional bastión

U.S. Senate candidate Bob Hugin joins Burlington County’s fight for Homeland Security funding

Burlington County Times At issue is the distribution of millions of dollars of Urban Area Security Initiative funding awarded annually by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to help first responders and other emergency officials in the Philadelphia metro area

Senate race in blue New Jersey tightens as ethics issues dog Democrat Bob Menendez, poll says

Menendez "is running scared and he should be."

The sleeper Senate race in New Jersey just became an election to watch

He is perhaps most profligate in the upper chamber, attracting the attention of a federal grand jury for that one time he let a donor fly him around on a private jet, wine and dine him at tropical golf courses, and put him up in a five-star hotel in Paris. Menendez was indicted, tried, and lucky to have the charges against him dropped after a mistrial. That last fact hardly matters, though, as a political consideration. Millions spent on advertising plus sultry details about his opponent’s conduct could translate to a late surge for HUGIN.

Poll: Menendez Lead in NJ Senate Race Dwindles to Six Points

If HUGIN’S surge continues, New Jersey may elect a Republican to the U.S. Senate in November for the first time in more than four decades.

Poll: Menendez lead over GOP challenger narrows to 6 points following months of attacks

New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez leads Republican challenger BOB HUGIN by just six points in a new Quinnipiac University poll, a finding that raises fresh doubts about the scandal-scarred incumbent‘s path to reelection.

No Raining on IBA’s India Day Parade

TAPinto Edison August 14 EDISON, NJ – With officials estimating a crowd of over 42,000, the 14th Annual New Jersey India Day parade, hosted by the Indian Business Association (IBA) was a grand success according to parade organizers. The parade,

El accidentado camino de Bob Menéndez para la reelección

El senador se enfrenta en una batalla no esperada a su rico rival demócrata por una curul en el Congreso. SANTO DOMINGO, República Dominicana.-El equipo del senador Bob Menéndez, el aspirante demócrata por Nueva Jersey, no necesitó mucho tiempo

Hugin pounces after Menendez’s buddy Melgen fails to land a new trial

Save Jersey July 30 MOUNTAINSIDE, N.J. — The worst criminal in the history of U.S. medicare fraud happens to be Senator Bob Menendez’s good buddy. Today, that criminal (Salomon Melgen) was denied bail and a new trial as he awaits

Menéndez y Hugin cara a cara en batalla electoral

Menendez was meant to be safe. Is this how New Jersey’s 46-year drought ends?

The Washington Post George F. Will “ This human nature is shabby stuff, as you may know from introspection.” — Peter De Vries Or from reading the “public letter of admonition” sent by the U.S. Senate’s Select Committee on Ethics

Menendez Chances of Re-Election Looking Slimmer

Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey’s lead heading into the November midterm elections is looking slimmer, according to a poll released Monday evening. Menendez, a two-term senator and former congressman, is only leading Republican challenger Bob Hugin, a former

ICE arrests 37 immigrants in sweep; slams N.J. county for being a ‘sanctuary’ July 17 Immigrants accused of sexual assault, driving under the influence, burglary and domestic violence were among 37 arrested in a five-day “enforcement surge” in Middlesex County, immigration officials said Monday. The 37 people arrested by U.S. Immigration and

Hugin Pushes Back on Claims of Greed

New Jersey Globe July 13 Republican U.S. Senate candidate BOB HUGIN has a new ad that rebuts claims made by a super PAC that HUGIN has profited by overcharging for a cancer-fighting drug manufactured by the pharmaceutical company he ran.

Hugin looks to stymie ‘Blue Wave,’ pull major upset in U.S. Senate race

Press of Atlantic City July 11 GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP — U.S. Senate candidate BOB HUGIN estimates he has been in South Jersey over two dozen times during his campaign and figures he will be back here at least two dozen more

Hugin Ties Menendez to Murphy Tax Hikes July 9  WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez wasn’t in Trenton when Gov. Phil Murphy and the Democratic-controlled legislature enacted a state budget, but that hasn’t stopped Republican challenger BOB HUGIN from trying to tie him to the spending

New Jersey’s Tax Gift to Florida

While the new taxes will finance more spending, the state still isn’t sufficiently funding pensions. Pension and health costs are projected to double over five years to $10.7 billion and consume a quarter of the state budget. The fair question is why any rational person or business that can move would stay in New Jersey.

Hugin to ‘put New Jersey first’ if he wins

New Jersey Hills – Randolph Reporter June 27 Make New Jersey first. That was the message Republican U.S. Senate candidate BOB HUGIN of Summit brought to the Wednesday, June 27 Morris County Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting at Tilcon’s Entin

Bob Hugin Speaks to 883 Students at American Legion Jersey Boys State

TAPinto June 21 More than 325 communities represented at week-long learn-by-doing leadership program LAWRENCEVILLE, NJ – 838 high school rising-seniors from New Jersey are attending the 73rd session of American Legion Jersey Boys State (ALJBS) held annually at Rider University

Meet the Senate Candidate Who Could Possibly Beat Menendez

The last time the voters in New Jersey elected a Republican to the Senate was in 1972. So can Bob Hugin break a drought that has spanned nearly five decades? If the primary results on the Democratic side are any indicator, he may be well positioned to do just that.

Menendez Snubs Overtures by Dem Opponent for Unity After Divisive Primary

Opponent’s progressive, anti-corruption message garnered the support of nearly 40 percent of the Democratic electorate The Washington Free Beacon June 9 Sen. Bob Menendez, fresh off having won a narrow victory in the New Jersey Democratic primary, has ignored overtures

Sticking With Bob Menendez Was Stupid, Pointless, and Damaging

Endorsing Menendez, tacitly or openly, is not just an endorsement of one corrupt politician. It is a voluntary abdication of the right to make anti-corruption arguments as a party.

The GOP may just have a chance to win Menendez’s seat

Voters clearly remain wary of his ethics (or lack thereof), and may well respond to a credible, well-financed opponent who vows to give New Jersey “a senator we can be proud of.” The Garden State clearly deserves that — and Bob Menendez clearly deserves to lose.

Voters wanted a revolution. How’d they get stuck with corrupt Bob Menendez?

Remember, Menendez was just rejected by 38 percent of his fellow Democrats (and independents) against a candidate who spent less than $5,000.

Feinstein, a powerhouse in California — Menendez, no such thing in New Jersey

In New Jersey’s U.S. Senate race, it was an entirely different story. The Democratic incumbent there, Sen. Bob Menendez, was a seriously flawed candidate.

Hugin tells House to oppose rescissions package

“I would not support cutting money from any program that takes money away from New Jersey. We’re already 50 out 50 in what we get back from Washington as a percentage of what we send there, and to have New Jersey taxpayers further burdened by the federal government is unacceptable,” Hugin said.

Menendez’s Grip on Senate Seat Loosens After Punishing New Jersey Primary

The narrower-than-expected margin of Menendez’s win suggests that some Democratic voters aren’t happy with the senator, whose federal corruption case was dropped by prosecutors after a mistrial in November. He was subsequently "severely admonished" by the Senate Ethics Committee for accepting gifts from a friend and supporter.

Is Bob Menendez set up for a fall this fall?

"Bob Menendez chose a path of corruption," said Hugin. "I chose a different path." Like the senator, HUGIN was born in Union City. Unlike him, he went to Princeton and then to the Marine Corps, where he served for seven years as an officer before going into the pharmaceuticals industry.

GOP’s Hugin makes case to oust Menendez in New Jersey

Why doesn't Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., deserve another term? "Whoa," Bob Hugin said. "I think it's amazing you could ask that question with a straight face."

NJ elections 2018: Democrats downplay uneasy Bob Menendez win after corruption charge

"About one percent of those of who voted for Lisa McCormick had any ideas of who she was or what she was,'' said Patrick Murray, the Monmouth University pollster. "It was obviously a protest vote against having a nominee who they aren't thrilled with."

New Jersey Democratic primary voters send Menendez a message

Politico June 6 Democratic primary voters in New Jersey sent a message of protest to Sen. Bob Menendez on Tuesday. Menendez — an influential two-term incumbent who survived a six-week corruption trial last year when the jury deadlocked on bribery

Menendez expected to win primary, but he isn’t getting one man’s vote June 6 Raised as a Democrat in Hudson County, Patrick Murphy was always told who to vote for by his grandfather, a politician. Now, however, he’s doing it in his own way. “(Menendez) is a disgrace to the Democratic

What the hell happened to Bob Menendez in Tuesday’s primary? June 6 Lisa McCormick’s surprisingly strong showing against U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez in Tuesday’s Democratic primary begs the question: What about Bob? McCormick, a virtual unknown who did not report spending any money on the race, received the support

Menendez hit with protest vote from some Democrats as he and Hugin win Senate primaries June 6 U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez, who overcame federal corruption charges, won his Democratic primary Tuesday but faced a surprisingly strong challenge from an opponent who reported spending no money. The Democrat will face former Celgene Corp. executive BOB

Menendez, Hugin to fight for U.S. Senate seat in New Jersey

Democratic voters undeterred by a federal corruption case dropped earlier this year Washington Times TRENTON, N.J. – Democratic voters, undeterred by a federal corruption case U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez had faced until it was dropped earlier this year, picked the

NJ Senate election 2018: What you need to know about Bob Hugin and Bob Menendez June 6 New Jersey Democrats and Republicans each picked men who grew up in Union City on Tuesday to be their parties’ nominees for U.S. Senate.And while Democratic incumbent Sen. Bob Menendez and Republican challenger Bob HUGIN may agree

Menendez vs. Hugin: ‘Corrupt’ senator vs. pharmaceutical exec

Politico June 6 The New Jersey Senate seat held by Robert Menendez should be one of the safest for Democrats this year. But Menendez’s legal troubles and the deep pockets of his Republican opponent, BOB HUGIN, introduce an element of

Hugin hopes centrism and New Jersey roots will help him beat Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez June 6 Senate primaries in New Jersey on Tuesday set up what could become a competitive — and nasty — race for scandal-plagued Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez’s seat.Republican and former Celgene CEO Bob Hugin — who has already put

Menendez, Hugin ready for general election, face primary

Associated Press June 5 TRENTON, N.J. — Democratic U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez and his well-funded Republican foe, BOB HUGIN, already are lobbing attacks at each other in anticipation of a fall showdown, but they first have to win their party’s

Poll: Menendez Leads GOP Challenger in NJ Senate Race by Mere 4 Points

Breitbart June 5 Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) leads likely Republican challenger BOB HUGIN by just four points in a potential general election matchup for the U.S. Senate election this November in New Jersey, according to a new poll. Fairleigh Dickinson

The Early Races To Watch On The Biggest Primary Day Of 2018

Five Thirty Eight June 5 Despite all you may have read, California isn’t the only state holding primaries on Tuesday. In fact, this week is the closest we get to Super Tuesday in a non-presidential-election year: Eight states are holding

Menendez, HUGIN Lob Barbs as New Jersey Primaries Get Underway

NBC New York June 5 Bob Menendez, who is seeking a third term, has establishment support as he faces a challenge in the Democratic primary from Lisa McCormick, a Rahway publisher WHAT TO KNOW Bob Menendez, who is seeking a

  ‘This Could Be a Race’: Stirewalt on Whether NJ Dem Sen. Menendez Is More Vulnerable Than Expected

Fox News June 5 Fox News Digital Politics editor Chris Stirewalt was asked about key midterm election races to watch Monday on “The Daily Briefing.” Ahead of New Jersey’s Tuesday primary, Dana Perino asked Stirewalt what could be expected in

Hold onto your hats, Jersey! We’re in for one nasty Senate race between Menendez and Hugin.

NJ Advance Media for WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez is “leading a lavish lifestyle courtesy of corruption.” Former Celgene Corp. executive Bob Hugin is a “greedy drug company CEO.” Those comments from their opponents’ camps come even before they win their parties’ nominations.

Frustrated N.J. voters should hit the polls hard in Tuesday’s primary | Editorial June 1 New Jersey voters are more frustrated with the state’s quality of life than they have been in almost 40 years, according to a recent Monmouth University poll. On Tuesday, they should express those frustrations in the state’s

The Primary Color Is Green: Candidates Raise $40M and Counting To Sway Your Vote

NJ Spotlight May 30 With the largest field of candidates in decades fighting for places on the November ballot, it’s raining dollars for many New Jersey political job applicants New Jersey’s Congressional primary candidates have already raised $40.4 million, with

Bob Menendez Is Severely Under Water In NJ Senate Race

Sen. Bob Menendez suggested Friday that he may not pay back anything more than he already has for private jet flights and gifts he received from Florida eye doctor Salomon Melgen, his friend and co-defendant in last year’s federal corruption trial.

They’ve served in the military, now they’re looking to serve in Congress

NJTV News May 29 Ahead of Tuesday’s primary election, military veterans aren’t just being courted by the candidates. In many states and in many races they are the candidates and they could be pivotal in deciding which party controls Congress.

Menendez suggests he doesn’t need to pay back anything more to Melgen

Sen. Bob Menendez suggested Friday that he may not pay back anything more than he already has for private jet flights and gifts he received from Florida eye doctor Salomon Melgen, his friend and co-defendant in last year’s federal corruption trial.

The Democrats’ Menendez Problem

Sometimes local and personal factors are more important than national issues in deciding individual elections. That’s why a Republican has a fighting chance of stealing a supposedly safe Democratic Senate seat in blue New Jersey this fall.

FDU POLL: Menendez in trouble as Hugin pulls close to even

So we may have an actual, honest to goodness race on our hands, Save Jerseyans. According to the results of a brand new *registered* voter survey conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University, U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (28%) leads his likely fall Republican opponent Bob Hugin (24%) by a slim four point margin with 46% undecided.

Uh-oh. New poll suggests Menendez’s re-election not a sure thing.

It's just one poll, but looks like U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez should prepare for a dog fight. A poll released Friday shows Menendez with a slim lead over Republican challenger BOB Hugin, the first survey that hasn't given the incumbent Democrat a double-digit lead.

Poll: Menendez lead narrows to just 4 points over GOP foe Hugin

Sen. Bob Menendez holds a razor-thin four-point lead over his likely Republican rival in November’s general election, according to a new poll, indicating the New Jersey Democrat is still suffering from a post-corruption-trial hangover.

Republican challenger gains on Menendez in U.S. Senate race

The U.S. Senate race in New Jersey could be a close contest. A Fairleigh Dickinson University poll of registered voters shows incumbent Democrat Bob Menendez with only a 4-point lead over leading Republican challenger Bob Hugin. The Senate Ethics Committee’s admonishment of Menendez for...

Poll: Nearly half NJ voters unsure about Menendez

According to a Fairleigh Dickinson University Poll released May 25, 46 percent of New Jersey voters have said they’re on the fence about whether they’d vote for incumbent Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez in the upcoming U.S. Senate race or his Republican challenger, former Celgene CEO, Bob Hugin.

Menendez could be in for dogfight for Senate seat: FDU poll

The latest polling numbers from FDU indicate Sen. Robert Menendez is struggling to gain support from his own party — and will face a considerable challenge in his attempt to win re-election over presumptive Republican nominee Bob Hugin.

Poll: Bob Menendez Holds 4-Point Lead Over Bob Hugin

U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez holds a slim four-point lead over his likely Republican opponent, former pharmaceutical executive Bob Hugin, as he seeks reelection following his corruption trial, according to a new poll.

Bob Hugin Sets Sights on U.S. Senate

Bob Hugin comes from humble beginnings. He was the first in his family to attend college. Today he is CEO of Celgene, a pharmaceutical company with operations in 50 countries, and is looking to give back by running to represent New Jersey in the U.S. Senate.

Hundreds gather on the Battleship New Jersey for early start on Memorial Day Weekend

Bob Hugin, an independent candidate running for United States senate against Bob Menendez and Marine Corps Veteran, said being on the Battleship New Jersey Thursday helps put the coming Memorial Day Weekend into perspective.

In Trump country, Hugin distances himself from Trump

BOB HUGIN, the likely Republican nominee for Senate, traveled to one of the reddest parts of New Jersey on Tuesday to announce his opposition to a Trump administration policy.

Ethics panel gives Menendez wide latitude for repayment of gifts from Melgen

Last month, the Senate Ethics Committee demanded that Sen. Bob Menendez pay back the value of the gifts he received from his friend, Florida eye doctor Salomon Melgen, and amend his Senate financial disclosure reports to show those gifts, which the panel determined he had improperly failed to report for years.

How’s Phil Murphy doing? And Menendez? Here’s what Jersey thinks.

So how's Gov. Phil Murphy doing with Jersey voters? The rookie Democrat has begun his term as governor with favorable ratings but with a quarter of New Jerseyans deciding to wait and see before rendering judgment, according to a new poll.

Poll: NJ more optimistic about state’s direction, but ‘lackluster’ about Bob Menendez

Public opinion remained "lackluster" about Sen. Bob Menendez in a new Rutgers Eagleton Poll even as New Jersey optimism about the state's direction continued to increase following the election of Gov. Phil Murphy, a fellow Democrat.

Poll: Bob Menendez Support Remains ‘Lackluster’

U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez’s poll numbers remain “lackluster” as he seeks reelection following his corruption trial, according to a new poll released on Thursday.

Hugin slaps Menendez in new TV ad

Republican U.S. Senate candidate BOB HUGIN is expected to go up on the air this week with a new TV ad highlighting incumbent Bob Menendez’s admonishment by the Senate Ethics Committee.

Menendez admonishment gives New Jersey Republicans a lifeline

Some New Jersey Republicans, staring down an electoral cliff, think they’ve spotted a branch to hold on to in Sen. Robert Menendez’s ethical troubles. The Senate Ethics Committee’s “severe” admonishment of Menendez last week over gifts received...

Senate Ethics Committee admonishes Sen. Menendez

Consider Democrat Bob Menendez, running hard for re-election after evading conviction on federal corruption charges via mistrial, New Jersey’s senior senator couldn’t outrun the bipartisan Senate Ethics Committee...

Menendez Is ‘Severely Admonished’ by Senate Panel for Accepting Gifts

The Senate Ethics Committee “severely admonished” Senator Robert Menendez on Thursday for accepting gifts from a wealthy doctor while using his position as a senator to promote the doctor’s personal and financial interests...

Ethics committee admonishes Sen. Bob Menendez over taking gifts and advocating for donor

The Senate's ethics committee "severely admonished" Sen. Bob Menendez Thursday for accepting gifts and advocating for the donor's personal and business interests...

Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez is ‘severely admonished’ by Ethics Committee, ordered to repay gifts

The Senate Ethics Committee said Thursday that Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez, who avoided conviction in a federal corruption trial last year, violated federal law and Senate rules in accepting unreported gifts from a friend and political ally...

Analysis: New Jersey Senate Race Just Got Interesting

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez this past week got a Republican challenger who has enough of his own money to wage a serious challenge in the fall...

A Former Pharmaceutical Executive Is Running for U.S. Senate in New Jersey

Bob Hugin, a former pharmaceutical executive, announced he is running for the Republican nomination for Senate here on Tuesday, giving Democratic Senator Robert Menendez a deep-pocketed potential challenger as he seeks re-election after federal corruption charges against him were dropped...

Former Celgene CEO Bob Hugin announces run for U.S. Senate

New Jersey Republicans suddenly have a formidable U.S. Senate candidate. Bob Hugin just retired as CEO of Celgene pharmaceuticals...

Republican Hugin launches Senate candidacy, says he’s “embarrassed” by Menendez

Bob Hugin, a multimillionaire pharmaceutical executive, launched his Republican campaign for Senate on Tuesday by saying he was “embarrassed” by the behavior of Democratic incumbent Bob Menendez...

Former Celgene CEO Will Run for New Jersey Senate Seat

Bob Hugin, the former chief executive and chairman of drug giant Celgene Corp., plans to announce his run for Senate Tuesday in the company’s home state of New Jersey...

Menendez just got a top-tier Republican challenger in U.S. Senate race

U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez is getting a well-funded challenger as Bob Hugin, who recently retired as executive chairman of the pharmaceutical company Celgene Corp., plans to seek the Republican nomination to oppose the New Jersey Democrat...