Bob Hugin was raised in a diverse neighborhood in Union City, Hudson County, where the values of hard work – Bob started delivering papers in grade school – and service to community and country were instilled in him at a young age. He was the product of public schools and was the first person in his family to attend college – on a full scholarship – he then joined the United States Marine Corps. Bob went on to lead a struggling biotech company into what is today a worldwide leader in the fight against cancer, helping to create thousands of jobs in our state. He will be a Senator New Jersey can be proud of.

Getting New Jersey’s Fair Share

New Jersey is currently 50 out of 50 – dead last – in the amount of federal investment we get back from Washington for the tax dollars we send there each year.  The new SALT cap only makes it worse.  It’s unacceptable. Bob will work across party lines and use his decades of private sector business experience to secure expanded investment in New Jersey’s priorities like transportation infrastructure, our military bases, higher education, healthcare, and beach replenishment.

Health Care Reform

As a board member of one of the country's most forward-looking hospital and integrated clinical care systems and the leader of a major biotech company, Bob will be a driving force in the Senate to move us past the divisive partisan fights on healthcare. As Senator, Bob will promote policies that actually fix the system for patients and doctors, driving down costs, increasing consumer choice, and encouraging innovation.


New Jersey’s infrastructure is in dire shape. It’s damaging our economy and our quality of life. In spite of all the federal tax dollars New Jerseyans send to Washington, we are 50 out of 50 in investment back. That means we’re helping support infrastructure in other states while our roads and bridges are crumbling.  Bob will fight for projects like Gateway, which includes the Portal North Bridge and Hudson Tunnel projects serving New Jersey, New York City and the entire Northeast Corridor.

Jobs & the Economy

As someone who has grown a business and helped to create thousands of good paying jobs right here in New Jersey, Bob understands the need for innovative policies that encourage economic growth and make our state more attractive for employees and employers.

Tax Relief

While the new tax reform bill will deliver real relief for many New Jerseyans and help spur economic growth and job creation, the fact remains that New Jersey is a high-tax state unfairly impacted by the $10,000 cap on state and local tax (SALT) deductions.

Restoring Honesty & Integrity to Government

Incumbent Senator Menendez’s recent hung jury on federal bribery and corruption charges was an embarrassment to New Jersey and underscores the need for raising the ethical standards of our public servants and strengthening anti-corruption laws in our federal government.